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The questions on this page are designed to help prepare the Eagle Scout candidate for his board of review. They are also a resource to provide some sample questions for members of the Eagle Scout Board of Review.

Please remember the Eagle Scout Board of Review is not an re-examination board. Rather it is a review board to determine if the scout has met the requirements for the rank of Eagle. The questions should not be of a simple nature that require a Yes or No answer. Rather they should require the scout to explain his answers, sort of a "verbal essay" answer.

This list is not all-inclusive!
The scout may be asked none or some of these questions. And the scout may be asked questions not on this list.

Typical Categories and Possible Questions:

"Ice Breaker" Questions:
If the Scout does not feel at ease, try asking some of the following questions to "break the ice."
  1. What is your full name?
  2. What is your age?
  3. What offices have you held while a Scout?
  4. Were you a Cub Scout?
  5. How many merit badges have you earned?
  6. What books and magazines do you read?
  7. What hobbies are you involved in?
  8. What do you do in your spare time?
  9. How do you secure your spending money?
  10. Do you have a job?
Scouting Skills and Leadership:
To help other young men coming along the Scouting trail, we want to ask you some questions that fall into the Scoutcraft area.
  1. What has been the most difficult part of Scouting to you? What has been the easiest? Why?
  2. What have you liked most about Scouting? Liked least? Why?
  3. What do you enjoy most about Scouting? The least?
  4. How can you help other with the skills you have learned?
  5. How has Scouting helped you find a vocation or hobby?
  6. How will you pass on the skills you have learned?
  7. What do you plan to do with the knowledge you have gained?
  8. Why would you like to or not like to continue in Scouting as an adult leader?
  9. How do you expect to continue your Scouting?
  10. What jobs that you held as a troop leader did you most prefer? Not prefer? Why?
  11. Why do you want to be an Eagle Scout, and what does it mean to you? How are you prepared to be an Eagle Scout?
  12. Do you feel that becoming an Eagle Scout will change you in any way?
  13. What makes an Eagle Scout different from other youth?
  14. What do you consider the purpose of the merit badge program?
  15. What do you believe you can do personally to help make this troop a better troop?
  16. What is the patrol method?
  17. What do you like about Scout Camp? Dislike?
  18. As you remember the Scout Oath, what does it mean to you?
  19. You didn't make it all the way to Eagle Scout on your own. Tell us about some of the people who helped you and how they helped?
Your Eagle Scout Service Project:
  1. We have reviewed your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. However, please tell us in your own words about your project. Who did your project help? How did it help? What did you learn about leadership?
  2. Did you have a difficult time planning your Eagle Scout service project?
Merit Badges:
  1. Of all the merit badges you have earned, which was the most meaningful and why?
  2. Of all the merit badges you have earned, which was the least meaningful and why?
  3. Have any of your merit badge studies been of help to you in determining your future career?
Scout Spirit:
  1. What did you do in your unit in qualifying for Scout spirit?
  2. What should an Eagle Scout be prepared to do?
  3. What does the Scouting term, "Good Turn" mean to you?
  4. How do you feel about wearing the Scout uniform?
  5. Briefly explain your service project for the Star and Life ranks?
  6. What have you done to help other Scouts in the field of "Scout Spirit"?
  1. Tell us something about your activities outside of Scouting? Church, School, Clubs or Athletics?
  2. What special honors have you earned in school, Scout~ or community?
Church (Duty to God):
  1. What do you feel is your duty to God?
  2. What does the twelfth part of the Scout Law mean to you?
  3. What is expected of an Eagle Scout regarding the principle of the twelfth point of the Scout Law?
  4. What does Duty to God mean to you as an Eagle Scout candidate?
  5. How can a young man like you serve your God?
Nation (Duty to Nation):
  1. What do you believe to be your duty to your country?
  2. What service to your community have you performed during the past six months?
  3. What is our form of government? What can you do to help preserve it?
  4. There are varying degrees of citizenship, from bad to good. What makes a good citizen?
  5. What is an Eagle Scout's duty to his country?
Duty to Others:
  1. Why is it important to "Do A Good Turn Daily?"
  2. The tenderfoot Scout is expected to "Do A Good Turn Daily." What should be the Eagle Scout's obligation in this field of service?
  3. How are you helpful to others?
  4. As an Eagle Scout, how can you help your adult leadership?
  5. What is your understanding of "respecting the property of others"?
  6. Are you helpful at home? In what way?
Duty to Self:
  1. What is duty to self?
  2. What is your understanding of being physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight?
  3. How do you intend to follow the Scout Oath and Law in the home, and in the future, in your work?
  4. How do you overcome your short comings?
Future Goals:
  1. What are your plans for your future? (College-Vocation)
  2. Has Scouting helped you in any way to prepare for your future? How?
  3. Now that you have completed your work for Eagle Scout, what do you see as your obligation to your troop?
  4. What do you intend to do after graduation? Are you interested in college? If so, specializing in what career field(s)?
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