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Eagle Scout Charge #1 -
Welcome to A New Eagle
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This "charge" can be used in conjunction with any Eagle Scout ceremony.


_________________________, as a representative of the Eagle Scouts of the _________________________ Council, I wish to welcome you to the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts. Little more than 2 percent of the boys who enter Scouting achieve what you have here tonight. The requirements are demanding, but fair. Your achievement is recognition of your perseverance and ability.

But I am not here to talk of your past accomplishments, which are great, but of your future opportunities. _____ years ago, I received my Eagle Scout Award, and in those years it has constantly enriched my life. It will yours. Of course, when you go to a Scouting function, you will be recognized as a doer, and you will have the opportunity of standing as an equal among the leaders.

But I think that your Eagle Scout Award will go far beyond Scouting itself. When you are applying to go to college, or to get a good job, Eagle Scout on the application helps. I know, because it helped me.

More than that, the things you have done, the leadership and sense of honor you have developed, will stand you in better stead than a certificate and apiece of ribbon in a drawer. You will have more opportunity to be of service to your fellows, through your school, your work, and through Scouting, because you know what you can do.

In the years to come, you will casually meet people who are Eagle Scouts, too, and there is an instant bond of comradeship. You have each shared a common experience. You each know the other can be trusted, as a friend or a worker. The comradeship among Eagle Scouts extends throughout the nation and wherever you go, in the world of Scouting, or in the larger world beyond; for the rest of your life, you travel as a marked man, an Eagle Scout!!


Please note that many forms/variations of this are used. No single charge is considered to be the "right" one.

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