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Below is a description of the files found in this section of my web site. They are accessible by clicking on the menu on the left. These pages are provided to help you in providing a quality program to your scouts.

NOTE: Not all pages are accessible at this time! Please check back periodically as I will be continually adding pages to this scouting resource!
  • Scouting Glossary - a glossary of many of those abbreviations, acronyms, and terms used in the various scouting programs
  • Boy Scout Program Basic Principles - Scout Law; Scout Oath or Promise; Scout Motto; and Slogan
  • Cub Scout Program Basic Principles - The Law of the Pack; Cub Scout Promise; and Cub Scout Motto
  • Clipart Main Page - Main page for accessing all the clipart libraries
    • Official BSA Clipart Images - mostly black & white (some color) clipart images (distributed on 19 floppy disks to all councils in the early 1990s)
    • Official BSA Clipart Listing - categorized listing of above images
    • Csatani Images - 24 Csatani images
    • Den/Patrol Emblems - pictures of official emblems and some custom den/patrol emblems found on the web
    • Embroidered Knots - answers that question "What are all those knots on your uniform?";
      Includes links to pages that explain how to wear the knots, how to wear devices when you have received the same award from more than one program, and how to ensure you do not wear your knots upside down!
    • Flag Letters - Two different sets of letters of the alphabet with the US flag theme
    • Merit Badges - color clipart images of all the merit badges;
      Includes a link to a page providing a cross-reference between the merit badge names and the numbers used in BSA advancement reports!
    • Miscellaneous Clipart - library of clipart I've collected over the years
    • Numerals - den and unit numbers for your PC
    • PC icons - icons for your PC (both MACs and Windows-based PCs)
    • Plans Calendar icons - icons from a program called Plans Calendar (an excellent and easy-to-use calendar program that's free!
    • Cub Scout and Boy Scout Rank images - black & white and color images of the Cub Scout and Boy Scout ranks
    • Rockwell Images - 48 Rockwell images
    • Website Graphics - graphics (many animated) suitable for web pages
  • Eagle Scout Program Helps:
    • Eagle Scout Application - How to Complete
    • Eagle Scout Award History
    • Eagle Scout Board of Review Sample Questions
    • Eagle Scout Award Presentation Ceremonies (13)
    • Eagle Scout Charge
    • Eagle Scout Congratulations Letter Addresses - collected from various places over the years
    • Eagle Scout Pledge
    • Eagle Scout Poems (6)
    • Eagle Scout Projects - Some suggestions for Eagle Scout Service Projects
    • Famous Eagle Scouts - listing of some of the more famous Eagle Scouts
  • Famous Scouts - listing of some of the more famous Scouts
  • Flag Related:
    • 52 Opening Flag Ceremonies - tired of the same opening ceremony week after week? Here's one for each week of the year!
    • Flag Retirement (burning) Ceremony - have a flag that needs to be retired? Here's one ceremony you can use!
    • Folds of the US Flag - one ceremony using a theory of the meaning of each of the folds of the US flag
  • True Type Fonts for Windows and Mac PCs - need some fonts for your PC? Here are some fonts you can use, including the "twigs" and "planks" fonts!
  • Founders of the BSA - a list of the founders of the BSA and some information on how they helped create the BSA
  • Fun Stuff:
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Word Search Puzzles
  • Icons for your PC - need some icons for your Windows PC?
  • Scouting Resources on the web -
  • Milestones of Scouting - some of the milestones in the scouting program
  • National Jamboree Abbreviated History - Years, dates, locations, attendance, themes, and patches from previous national jamborees
  • Norman Rockwell Pictures -
  • Religious Emblems -
  • Scoutmaster's Minutes:
    • 10 Commandments for A Scouter -
    • 10 Needs of A Boy - short essay on the needs of a boy
    • 12 Days of Scouting -
    • 12 Laws For Scouters -
    • Boy Defined - comical look at the definition of a boy!
    • Conservation - short essay on conservation
    • Scouting's Impact - some statistics on the impact scouting has on our society
    • The Boy Scout - another comical look at the definition of a boy!
    • What Is A Scout? - yet another comical look at the definition of a boy!
  • Twig Letters -
If there is something you would like to see here, or something you have that you would like to share with other Scouters, please Thanks.

NOTE: Please do not submit requests for links! Thanks!

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